Ai for Agri


Ai4agri® is a digital innovation hub, supporting farmers and farm advisors improving sustainable farming practices by making better use of on farm technologie and farm management software.

The ongoing pressure on a farm to manage animals, produce animal feed and organise the workforce in a sustainable way has initiated an evolution where information technologies and fine-scale data are becoming the backbone of management.

A management practice that will lead to Agriculture 5.0, the combination of robot technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

Agriculture 5.0 implies that management tasks on-farm and off-farm focus on different sorts of data to monitor, interpret, predict and prescribe with the aim to make more timely or more accurate decisions.

This requires a change in the mode of working for many farmers and farm advisors transitioning from experiential decision-making to data-driven processes as data-less intuition-driven management will no longer represent the modus operandi of a professional farm in the future.

Ai4agri supports farmers and farm advisors in implementing this new way of working.

Within our team we work together with an extensive local and international network of recognized experts in this field.

Ai4agri ensures that farmers earn money with proprietary data and farm management software.